The Wedding of

Angela and Daniel

In the Old Village, Vilamoura

The Perfect Wedding What can I say ? My wife and I visit the Old Village two or three times a year, initially as a couple but now with our own family. We were there last year when we discovered Heather at Casa Do Largo was now doing weddings. After a relaxed conversation with Heather we felt confident enough to provisionally discuss dates, ( in fairness we had been engaged for nearly six years at this point).

Heather from this moment on, worked her magic. She organised or gave us the choices to sort all the decorations, photographer, florist, food, cake, accommodation for guests, drinks, entertainment, along with numerous other things you would become bored with reading about. The day was perfect and coming from someone who is very particular, that is saying something. It exceeded our expectations massively. From the start of the day, with champagne delivered by Dan in top hat and tales to the guests staying on the old village, the ceremony itself, the white grand piano, the horse drawn carriage, the amazing food/wine/ champagne, the entertainment both through the day and night but most importantly the beautiful and genuinely caring hospitality the whole team put on.

It was utterly amazing. We were very particular that despite the occasion, we wanted an intimate, relaxed day that was about everyone enjoying themselves. We had a huge variety of ages from very young children to grannies, couples, singles and families. Despite this tall order the day itself just felt right, everywhere you looked people were smiling, laughing and just having a ball. Having got home and talked so fondly about the day with many of the guests, having seen the pictures and the fact that some of our guests, many who had not met previously, have now gone on to become friends, I think it is safe to say that request was delivered in full.


In terms of Heather and her families dedication, the day we booked was actually Heather’s birthday ( I won’t reveal her age ). It was only later that we discovered it was Heather’s birthday but we had been quite insistent on the day we wanted and without question Heather was fully behind our choice of date. To spend a special birthday with my wife, I and our motley crew of friends and family means she must be mad but I suppose that shows how important every guests happiness means to her. We are returning for our wedding anniversary next year and many of our guests have asked if they come and join us, even if just for a few days. The day, the venue and the hospitality from the guys at Casa Do Largo was really THAT good !