The Wedding of

Elisa & Wanderson

In the Old Village, Vilamoura

First of all I wanted to thank Heather and her family; if it wasn’t for them our wedding party would have never been as amazing as it was.

I wasn’t until August last year when me and my partner decided to get married but we didn’t know whether to hold the event back in the UK where I’m originally from or in Portugal which was where we were both staying. August was my husband’s birthday and I wanted to take him somewhere different, when you’re staying in the Algarve in Vilamoura which is where Casa Do Largo is located you don’t always want to visit or dine the marina, I decided to go for walk . I had heard many people speak about ‘The Old Village’ but I hadn’t a clue where it was. I must have been walking 15 minutes I stopped and looked up at a sign which said The Old Village. I was amazed, it was beautiful regenerated and stylish. The small cobbled Portuguese paths where covered in walls of fresh colorful roses and handmade tree shapes. I come to a turning and there stood a pretty pagoda full of purple flowers and a cute water fountain. I approached a waiter & asked him to see the menu, I was really amazed just how near I was to such a stunning restaurant yet I since living in the same place for over one year and a half I never knew it was here.

I then knew straight away that this is the best place to take my husband for his birthday lunch, it was different, off the marina and very, very peaceful. I started my walk back home to my apartment and thoughts really come to my head. I began thinking about my wedding. I really knew from just seeing this restaurant where I’d just been that it was the perfect place for me and my partner to hold it. Once I got back home, I began looking online the restaurant as a website and it’s very easy to understand. I then saw link to horse and carriage rides, this was when I really become interested. Could this place really have this service to offer their guests? Yes!

I got straight on the phone getting the contact details from the website and called Heather. Heather answered with the friendliest and welcoming voice. I just began asking loads of questions. My conversation was over and I hung up the phone feeling so happy. My partner was working till late but I really wanted to tell someone about where I’d just been and what the owner of the restaurant has just told me.

My partner came home from work that night and I didn’t say a word, I knew that I had to wait to take him there on this birthday so it could see for himself just how beautiful the place is. I took him there on his birthday for afternoon tea, and that’s when we started to talk about our wedding, I got so excited I just wanted to know the date, is it even possible and how much everything would cost.

Cut the long story short.

We decided to do it!

Our wedding was held on a very beautiful sunny December 5th 2014. Had around 35 guests which she easily catered for very well.

The planning of the wedding for me was very difficult as I done most of it by myself as my family lived in the UK. We didn’t have very long to plan everything as we left the decision of having the wedding in Portugal to late also the date we choose was very near and came so quick.

I met up with Heather to discuss my plans and how I saw the vision for my wedding, she was very professional and also wasn’t afraid of making her opinion too. She is so relaxed, laid back and such a pleasure to be around. All brides know how stressful it is to plan your wedding you all know how you want it to which is well not just for the couple but for your guests. When you have your wedding abroad you also wanted the guests travelling far or near to feel welcome and have the most amazing experience whilst there. Having many years of experience in the UK and in Portugal Heathers communication was always on point. When you are planning a wedding the person who is responsible for holding your reception you always want to make sure they inform you of everything which what they are doing for you, if things go wrong and what they need extra in order for them to make the reception that you dream of. Heather is very easy to contact via email or telephone, at home or even overseas.

She also has contacts for many other suppliers which are very handy for brides e.g. flowers, cakes, photographers and even a DJ. We choose to have our ceremony in a Catholic church which was also beautiful but if you want yours in the pagoda you can just speak to Heather and she can arrange this for you.

The day of our wedding was beautiful; we decided to have the horse and carriage and it was like a fairytale, after the church we both went to the beach for our photos but then we arranged for the horse and carriage to meet us nearer the  restaurant. Honestly I was lost for words when I first entered the room. Heather had done such an amazing job. She really is talented; my family was really speechless as well. The room was just how I pictured it even better! My theme was pink, vintage shabby chic and she really did this well. I made use of cute vintage china tea cups and saucers, with some of the things I gave her she used them very well inside the restaurant. For started we choose a mix plates followed by  traditional roast beef dinner as I know all English people like this but our  Brazilian guests also loved it. You get very good helpings as well!

The after party was very convenient; Heather allows you and guests to carry on your celebrations in her bar area. This was very good as after you eat you can just carry on the party without having to go far. We had the DJ Heather arranged for us and he was brilliant, all of the latest singles in the charts and he really got everyone up on their feet. The bar downstairs is perfect space for you and your guests it isn’t big and it isn’t small. With  easy access to lovely outside terrace.

There probably loads more that I could say about Heather and her family and how amazing she did with the organizing and making of our fairytale wedding but I could be here forever. But really if you’re planning your future wedding for months to come or years then I really do suggest you call her or email her because she is amazing when it comes to weddings!

I really can’t thank-you enough for your help over the months before the big day and the way you held the reception! If you’re planning a wedding abroad then this is the place to be. Vilamoura Algarve Casa Do Largo Restaurant. Contact Heather now!