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Wedding Day

A typical Destination wedding

Before Your Wedding Ceremony

The big day is here and the pagoda will be lined with crisp white chairs decorated to fit your chosen theme,

Your guests will begin to arrive.

As they are seated we will already have agreed upon your choice of music. You may like a recording of church bells, a selection of your favorite classical or popular music, a live solo artist, wedding band, string quartet or a pianist playing our white baby grand. If you wish you can bring any music with you on a pen or disk or we can help you to choose and book any live artists.

The guests and groom will now be seated. The bride, bridesmaids and the person who is giving the bride away will wait indoors. It is finally the big moment after so much careful planning and anticipation.

It is for you to decide if the bridesmaids will follow you.

You might prefer them to go first with the flower girls scattering petals from their baskets. A change of music is suitable at this point, a theatrical pause, before you walk down the aisle to the traditional wedding march, or a special song,

We can provide a recorded copy of the wedding march, or play music brought to us by you, or arrange for a live artist.

We will schedule a time to have a practice with you before the wedding day.

Your Wedding Ceremony

You must decide upon the type of ceremony that you want. Civil, Religious or Symbolic

A wide choice of English speaking celebrants and priests are available to conduct your ceremony, either in our delightful pagoda or at one of several nearby churches available to use. Celebrants provide either religious or humanistic services written individually for you which can if you wish include sand or candle ceremonies. Father Paul is a lovely English priest who we highly recommend .With any of these options it is best to arrange the legalities in your home country without exchanging rings.

Our recommendation is to arrange a registry office before you come. Your guests need not know that you have already done the paperwork. A nice idea is to take an elderly relative or someone special that cannot come to Portugal to be your witness at home.

The cost of a celebrant here varies between €400 and €600 euros. We can provide you with a list of contacts and arrange a meeting so you can choose the right person for you.

If you wish to do the legalities here in Portugal you can opt for a civil ceremony. We will put you in touch with our solicitor or an agency that is able to guide you through the procedure. It requires translation of personal documents, which then need to be certified by the Portuguese notary, you may also need a certificate of no impediment and a translator on the wedding day.

Photographs, Cocktails and Canapés

once your ceremony is over we will escort you and your guests to our garden terrace, where they can enjoy a welcoming cool cocktail or buy a drink from the bar. The Garden Terrace is ideal for group and family photos. Everyone will be on hand enabling the professional photographer to conveniently gather people together for the essential wedding shots. The bridal couple will want to take advantage of the wonderful photo opportunities as the grounds and gardens are reserved exclusively for weddings conducted in the Old Village. As your guests are being catered for with refreshments you will be able to take your time over these personal and intimate photographs.

We can help you to choose a photographer that is perfect for you, your party & your budget.  We have a slot after dessert and before your first dance where you can go to the beach just yourselves or with your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Some parties prefer to make a second event on a following day for a trash the dress picnic with the whole party ( we will discuss this in detail)

Whilst you are having your photographs taken we transform the pagoda into a magical space for your wedding breakfast.

We invite the bride and groom into the pagoda for more photographs before you go to get some personal photographs on our cobbled streets while we seat your guests.

You may wish to have a receiving line and in this case we will gather your guests at the entrance to the pagoda. You can welcome each guest and use this opportunity to make sure you have photos taken with everyone present. ( very time consuming) Once your guests are seated our master of ceremonies, will announce, “Ladies and gentlemen would you please be upstanding for the bride and groom.” Guests will show their appreciation with their applause as you enter make your way to your table.

Seating Plan

The top table traditionally is reserved for close family of the couple, the maid of honor and best man.

(We can help you with the correct layout.)

However you can choose to have a sweetheart table just for the two of you with a round table at either side for close family and friends.

Table Names

If you have chosen an individual meal for each guest we will require a seating plan with name places for each guest. If you have a BBQ, tapas or summer banquet you can opt to name or number each table and then provide a list of who is seated at that table. This leaves guests free to decide who they sit next to.

Food Service

All our meals are served directly to each table including the BBQ and buffet options a selection of the dishes is brought to each table , guests do not queue for food ..We highly recommend our BBQ providing good smells sizzling on the grills and a truly summer atmosphere.

Drink Service

If you wish to provide your guests with wine we suggest half a bottle per person.

We have ice trunks for bottled beer so you can order the quantity required.

Alternatively we can provide a wine and drinks list so guests can make their purchases from our extensively stocked bar.


We have some great desserts which can be served from our ice-cream and sweetie cart. We also have a fabulous collection of vintage china cake stands, cups and saucers, normally served after the speeches on Florentina’s terrace

Speeches and Toasts

Speeches are traditionally held after the dessert. Our waiters will fill the glasses for your toast and retire so you can enjoy your speeches.

Usually it is the toast master or best man who will announce

“Ladies and gentlemen the father of the bride would like to say a few words….”

If you have a nervous or quiet speaker we can provide a microphone. Speeches can take place before the meal if you would prefer this. Our portable PA system for ceremony and speeches is available for 100 euros, large parties might want to arrange a larger system from a sound company.

Cutting of the Cake

Traditionally the cake is cut immediately after the speeches.

We suggest that if you are having an evening reception that the cake is then taken and displayed downstairs for guests to admire, during the evening we will cut and wrap your cake and offer to your guests to eat as a dessert with your evening food or to take home.

If you would like to provide us with special cake bags or napkins we will use these.

Throwing the Bouquet

This usually takes place after the meal or it can be done at the beginning of the evening reception.


You can provide us with your choice of music to be played, You may prefer to arrange a wedding singer or band which we can help you with. If you are having an evening reception we can suggest DJs, bands, duo or solo artists or karaoke.

Evening Reception

Our evening function bar is large and air-conditioned with a live music license and dance area. It has an outside terrace covered in fairy lights coupled with candles. The scene is set for a magical summer evening of wine, music and dancing, beginning with the bride and groom’s first dance.

There are many possible supper options including our amazing late night tapas menu or a selection of homemade stone baked pizzas. Live music can be played until midnight and the bar and dance floor remains open until 2a.m. For larger groups you can choose to use the pagoda for the evening.


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